Making healthy snacks appealing


Health food: not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of chocolate! Hershey’s is world-famous for its chocolates, sweets and confectionery, but it is also an expert in processing highly nutritious ingredients, like nuts and milk. It now owns a growing stable of better-for-you products. Hershey’s asked Innovia to see how it could provide consumers with the next generation of tasty and nutritious snacks.


Innovia helped to identify a wide range of promising opportunity areas, drawing inspiration from trends in consumer behaviour, nutrition science and global cuisine. We then explored how Hershey’s could realise these opportunities, identifying specific processing technologies and ingredients that could enable development of new products and overcome previous difficulties with cost or shelf life.


The fruits of Innovia’s work are now helping guide Hershey’s R&D process. The result: actionable concepts for healthy snacks that are tasty, technically grounded, and great for the bottom line.